High Tech Marketing Compensation Plan

In my previous article, How Vital is YouTube to Your Ton Of Money Advanced Advertising And Marketing Business, I discussed YouTube Video clip Marketing as well as the number of individuals you can get to with YouTube. Did you recognize that you can get placed in one of or maybe two of the leading 10 spots on Google almost overnight with video clip advertising and marketing? What would an area on the initial web page of Google’s search engine result deserve to you?

So how do I do this day after day of whatever specific niche I pick to get placed for? Only one point will certainly allow you to climb up the ranks of the almighty Google and that thing is keyword research. Key words study is the study of words that people use in an internet search engine to find the information they are seeking. Some words are very basic. For instance: “Ton of money High Tech Marketing”. As of November 15th, 2009 this search phrase returns 816,000 pages.

Currently allows taking keyword research one action even more as well as attempting “Fortune High Tech Advertising And Marketing Compensation Plan”. This search returns 25,600 web pages. So what we see is that it will be easier to rank for Lot of money Advanced Advertising And Marketing Compensation Plan than for Ton Of Money Advanced Advertising. Why? Much fewer web pages to compete against.

However, wait! There’s a little secret move that the top earners make to guarantee they show up on Google’s initial web page. Once you’ve done your keyword study then you require to utilize your video clip. What do I imply by taking advantage of your video? Utilize means to replicate it numerous times. As I discussed in my last short article, YouTube accounts for about 50% of all video searches. Well, that leaves 50% to other video-sharing websites. A couple of instances are Google videos, MySpace video clips, etc. In fact, there is a huge list of sites and brand-new video clip organizing websites pop up each and every day.

What Web marketing experts do is publish their video clips on a number of these video-sharing websites. The reason is to obtain as much direct exposure or Internet property as feasible for each video. So allow’s say that Google for some unidentified reason does not place your YouTube video clip. If you have the very same video clip uploaded on MySpace videos you have another chance to get placed. Once again, the even more times the video clip is posted on various solutions, the better possibility you need to be ranked.

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to develop an account on any video-sharing website. After that one more 5 to 10 mins to post a video to your account. Not a negative use of your time right? Issue. There are about 39 video clip-sharing websites that Google such as. So, after you have created your accounts at the 39 sites, how much time does it require to upload your video to 39 different websites? Yep, 39 websites times 10 mins equal 390 mins or 6.5 hrs. Looking for more information about tech business? Visit their web page to get more hints.

6.5 hour is a problem. Video advertising just became full-time work. There are two means to resolve this. Employ someone to publish video clips for you or automate. In my opinion, you require to automate the video clip uploading procedure to ensure that you can get indexed by Google and also Explode your direct exposure on the net.

To achieve this you actually require to have 2 of our secret weapons that make this whole task really simple. Each video clip takes 15 minutes as well as it works like Magic!